Thursday, June 24, 2010

Odysseus from "Ulysses 31"

Main starship from the 1981 Franco-Japanese TV anime Serie.
Modelled with Google Sketchup 7.1


Anonymous said...

Very nice one!

I recognize the extreme difficulty of getting this one right, as I tried to model the Odysseus years ago, and it was incredibly difficult to get proportions right.

I think you've used the toy released recently as reference:

Which is a shame, because you've done a huge effort in modeling a great spaceship, based on the worst possible reference you can ever get! that toy is ugly!

If you have a chance, please, try to look for references of the original (there's a few good ones arround), it will help you improve it a lot!

Cheers, and keep'em coming!


You're right. I used Photos of the High Dream model (I don't have the real one) and any other thing I found on the Net.
I look at very powerful illustrations with a lot of good details, but I didn't want to spend many days in modelling.
I'm quite happy about the final result, thought it tooke me not too much time. :)