Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cathedral - 1914

Unbuilt architecture by Mario Chiattone (1891-1957) dated 1914.This architecture by Chiattone seems to presage the Art Déco experience and the volumes of American skyscrapers.
Chiattone studied architecture in Milan and lived there until 1915, where he worked in the same office as Sant'Elia, exhibiting with him as part of the "Nuove Tendenze" group. Whilst he was not officially part of the Futurist Movement the way in which he chose to project his imagination on a metropolitan scale and which he seems to have picked up from Sant'Elia, undeniably places him within it, with his evident preference for stereometric and proto-rational forms. After the premature death of his friend he moved to Switzerland, and in his later projects he definitively abandoned any further reference to this proto-Futurist experience.
Modeled from the sketch in the background. Real dimensions and rear view are impossible to obtain.
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