Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Metal Gear Rex #1

I will start to publish in the Blog all the model I've done till now with Sketchup.
First one is one of my favorite and more complex model: Metal Gear Rex from the PSX videogame.
A few pics of the MGR model I've been working since the end of May 2007.

The model is quite finished, as usual, only the bottom part of the mouth is missing and a few model improvments.

Rendering is the first attempt with Kerkytea ever. Right leg is missing and arms are only boxes.


Anonymous said...

There is no Vulcan Cannon on the underside of REX. Instead it is the Free Electron Laser.


thanks. I know it but I liked the chaingun more more ;)

GameScanner said...


Any word when you will finish this model?


Honestly, I can't tell it. This year I finished the White Base model started 2 years ago, so....
be patience :)