Sunday, September 23, 2007

Robot's hands

A small review of the evolution of my robot's hands
First one is from the Robbie model (yet unpublished in the Blog) from the "Forbidden Planet" movie. The hand shuold be like a glove 'cause in real model there were a man inside it.

Second one is from the Getter Saga. A typical hand from japanese anime of the Seventies, it could be used for a very big group of mecha of that time. This hand couldn't work but I think was very easy to be drawn.

Third is a more realistic (!) hand from an yet unpublished little robot: Nono's hand from the 1980 cartoon "Ulysses 31". This is not the original hand but a personal revisited version. Three fingers still seemed to be the best solution for this model.

Last one is from the Bix robot, yet published in the Blog. It remembers the Terminator hands.
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