Friday, November 2, 2007

S.I.D. - Space Intruder Detector (1970)

My first model from the Gerry Anderson TV serie UFO (1970)

"In orbit around the Earth to a distance of 36.000 kilometers, the satellite of location and comunication (abbreviated SID) is the alarm system constructed ad hoc from the SHADO. S.I.D. contains the most powerful computer constructed from the man,and it is able to locate and follow the UFO in arrival from enormous distance. Thanks to a revolutionary vocal circuit, the computer is able to supply a vocal comment to the control center on the Moon. The importance of Sid is inestimabile: the satellite is a vital ring in the system of land defense, and must be considered a primary target for the attacks of the enemies."

Filesize 1.5 Mb (SU6)
Model partecipate in the Sketchup 3D Challenge #013.
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