Tuesday, December 25, 2007

3D Challenge #020: Windmill

For this challenge I've created a Diorama with a desert Windmill and a railway Water Tower.

Filesize: 5,1 Mb (SU6)
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Grendizer Saga

Grenzizer Saga has begun.

You can download models from the "Grendizer Saga" collection in the Warehouse.

List of Models part of the collection:
(smaller items are still in WIP)
- Grendizer (work in progress)
- Grendizer Spacer (work in progress)
- Space Research Center #1 (2.66 Mb)
- Space Research Center #2 (3.89 Mb)
- Koji Kabuto's TFO (2.05 Mb)
- Koji Kabuto's JFO
- Double Spacer (1,75 Mb)
- Drill Spacer
- Marine Spacer
- Ultra submarine
- Cosmo special
- Boss Borot


- King of Vega (1.60 Mb)
- Hydargos
Mother Birn (878 Kb)
- Minifoo (718 Kb)
- Midifoo (1.14 Mb)

- Skull moon Base (3.92 Mb)

Space Monsters:
- Gorgon (ep. 04) (2.55 Mb)
Original post: 12/27/07

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Go Nagai's Spaceships

Have made these 3 Spaceships for the 3D Cahallenge #018.

Koji Kabuto's TFO (1975-76) From the Go Nagai Grendizer anime serie TFO: A small, earth-made flying saucer, often used by Kouji to assist Duke Fleed in Grendizer.

2,05 Mb (SU6)
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Hover Pilder (1972-73)
The control center of Mazinger Z, the Hover Pilder is a small, lightly armed flying hovercraft with outboard VTOL fans at the ends of its wings, that folds and lands inside the head of Mazinger Z. When it makes a link with the giant robot, its pilot yells, "Pilder On!"
It is later replaced by the upgraded Jet Pilder, which had more normal wings and a single VTOL fan in the center of its underside.
- Length: 5.6 meters
- Width: 3.2 meters
- Height: 3 meters
- Weight: 260 kilograms
- Maximum Altitude: 10,500 meters
- Ascent Speed: 120 kilometers/hour
- Maximum Speed: Mach 3
- Output: 20,000 horsepower.
Filesize 1,44 Mb (SU6)

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Big shooter (Steel Jeeg 1975-76)
Steel Jeeg is formed by combining the parts released by the jet Big Shooter, piloted by Prof. Shiba's lovely assistant, Miwa Micchi Uzuki.

Filesize 1,13 Mb (SU6)

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

3D Challenge #018: 1 Person Spaceship

My entry for the 18th 3D Challenge with "One person spaceship" subject.
A selfmade cardboard spaceship made of carton, pvc pipes and carton sealing tape.
This time I tried to handle with textures.
The scene below is composed with some of my models downloadable from the 3D Warehouse.

Filesize 1.35 Mb (SU)
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

3D Challenge #017: Ponte dell'Accademia (1933)

My second entry for the Challenge: Ponte dell'Accademia - Venice- Italy

The Ponte dell'Accademia (1933) is one of only three bridges in Venice to span the Grand Canal. It crosses near the southern end of the canal, and is named for the Accademia galleries. First suggested as early as 1488, a bridge was not constructed until 1854.

The original steel structure, designed by Alfred Neville, was demolished and replaced by a wooden bridgeby Eugenio Miozzi in the 1930s, despite widespread hopes for a stone bridge.

The second bridge, in a dangerous condition, was razed and replaced by the present bridge, of identical construction, in 1985.

Filesize 1.83 Mb (SU6)

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Model is Google Earth ready