Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Go Nagai's Spaceships

Have made these 3 Spaceships for the 3D Cahallenge #018.

Koji Kabuto's TFO (1975-76) From the Go Nagai Grendizer anime serie TFO: A small, earth-made flying saucer, often used by Kouji to assist Duke Fleed in Grendizer.

2,05 Mb (SU6)
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Hover Pilder (1972-73)
The control center of Mazinger Z, the Hover Pilder is a small, lightly armed flying hovercraft with outboard VTOL fans at the ends of its wings, that folds and lands inside the head of Mazinger Z. When it makes a link with the giant robot, its pilot yells, "Pilder On!"
It is later replaced by the upgraded Jet Pilder, which had more normal wings and a single VTOL fan in the center of its underside.
- Length: 5.6 meters
- Width: 3.2 meters
- Height: 3 meters
- Weight: 260 kilograms
- Maximum Altitude: 10,500 meters
- Ascent Speed: 120 kilometers/hour
- Maximum Speed: Mach 3
- Output: 20,000 horsepower.
Filesize 1,44 Mb (SU6)

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Big shooter (Steel Jeeg 1975-76)
Steel Jeeg is formed by combining the parts released by the jet Big Shooter, piloted by Prof. Shiba's lovely assistant, Miwa Micchi Uzuki.

Filesize 1,13 Mb (SU6)

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