Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grendizer at "Sarno a fumetti" 2008

I was asked to donate a special artwork for the 2nd edition of the "Sarno a fumetti" Comic Convention, located in Sarno (Salerno - Italy) 17-19 October 2008.
The table has been accomplished entirely using 3D software Google Sketchup, exporting various views of the models.
The various shots were subsequently mounted and edited through the image editing software "The Gimp."
Sight of Sarno was made expressly for the show while Spazer and Goldrake are part of the project "Project://Grendizer Saga."

3D Model Technical datas:
Edges: 409715
Faces: 126283
Filesize: 15.2 Mb
Modelling period :Giugno-Luglio 2008

Original artwork can be found in my website .

For more info about Convention, please visit official Website or contact the Association.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grendizer Saga - Update #9

This is the very first video about the Saga. It's a testing video about MiniFoo Ex Version.
You should consider it a "Work in progress" and test.

Intro should be final, but MiniFoo model is still in progress and video sequence is very rough.

Video available in the Website too, in comic section.