Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kotetsu Jeeg (1975)

Finally, after quite an year (I've started last summer), Kotetsu Jeeg model is finished.
All variation of the original model were made:
- Kotetsu Jeeg with Bazooka
- Kotetsu Jeeg with Mach Drill parts
- Kotetsu Jeeg with Buckler parts
- Kotetsu Jeeg with Earth parts
- Kotetsu Jeeg with Marine parts
- Kotetsu Jeeg with Sky parts

All models were made with Google Sketchup 7.0 and postproduction in Adobe Photoshop SE.
More images available at my Google Picasa WebGallery.

Next to come, probably, Shin Jeeg...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Space 1999: Eagle Transporters

Space 1999's Eagle Transporter models are finished.
Spacecrafts modelled:
- Eagle with Standard Pod
- Eagle with Medical Pod
- Eagle with Medical Pod
- Eagle with Lab Pod
- Eagle with Cargo Pod
- Eagle with Winch Pod
- Eagle with Satndard Pod and Glider
- Eagle with Lab Pod and Booster (current image)
- Kaldorian Spaceship
- Koenig Commlock

All models are made with Google Sketchup 7.0
Visit Web album or my site for more infos.