Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anime Cursors for TomTom

A bunch of custom cursors for your TomTom Device.
Copy all BMP files in "ART/CARS" Directory.

DOWNLOAD Ver. 1.3 (*.zip file)

Cursors Availables:
Ufo Robot Goldrake
Goldrake 2 - Style1
Goldrake 2 - Style 2
Koji's TFO
Hydargo's Mother Ship
Hover Pilder - Style 1
Hover Pilder - Style 2
Steel Jeeg w/h Mech Drill
Big Shooter - Style 1
Big Shooter - Style 2
Tekkaman's Pegas
Machine Hayabusa
Brain Condor - Style1
Brain Condor - Style2
Daifighter - Style1
Daifighter - Style2
Gakeen - Style 1
Getter Machine #1
Getter Machine #2
Getter Machine #3
White Base
Science Fortress
Guttler X Jetpack
Guttler X Flyer - Style 1
Guttler X Flyer - Style 2
King of Vega
Giru Giru
Giru Giru Disk
I-Zenborg Trivella
I-Zenborg Car
Mach Patrol 1
Mach Patrol 2
Gatchaman God Phoenix
Gatchaman's Helico Buggy
Luke's Landspeeder
Tekkaman's Blue Earth

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