Saturday, December 31, 2011

Making of Daigo Otaki

Modifing human figure with SU workflow.

- Start with the basic mesh from Make Human. Delete as much as possibile unuseful geometry before starting. starting model (half model) was 2.51 Mb with 24923 faces. 
- Apply a basic skin texture/color. 
- Create intersection planes. Organize them as groups or components, erasing them will be much easier). 
- Intersect planes with human model. For a better result scale 10x the model to avoid 1 squared mm. Sketchup bug. 
- Paint result with pro per color/textures. Substitute head with a better low poly version. The head model has been downloaded from 
- Erase unuseful faces/lines and redraw them to smoothly connect the new head ("Frankenstein" method). 
- Smooth surface with the Erase Tool +CTRL 
- Apply textures
- Create collar extruding and scaling half circle.
- Use Fredo6's "Tools on surface" plugin to draw collar design.
- Simplyfing boot: Create cutting planes to eliminate fingers.
- Simplify new geometry and apply a "extrude and scale" method to recreate front part of boot.
- Scarf was made generating a profile and scaling and rotating it in different ways.
- Connect all profiles using Fredo6's "Curviloft" plugin.
Final model: 2.23 Mb and 24950 Faces
Modelling time: 4.25 hr.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3x1 XMas discount

3d model for Christmas holidays would be Gordian.
Gordian Warrior (闘士ゴーディアン) was aired first time in Japan in 1979 to 1981 (73 episodes).

The concept: "The pilot Daigo Otaki controls a small almost human-sized robot container named Protteser. Each time Protteser is in trouble, he jumps into the next biggest robot container named Delinger.
Then finally the largest container is Garbin." (Source: Wikipedia)

Work is still in progress.
More images will be soon available at my Picasa web Album.
Modelling time: 11 hr.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Waldaster's ship and fighter (1975)

Models for Animesoft Tekkaman's Game are ready.

Waldaster's Fighter
Modelling Time: 7,20 Hr.

Waldaster' Ship
Modelling Time: 2.00 Hr.
Both models are modelled with Sketchup 8.0

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Waldaster's Fighters

The old school's back.

Pencils and rubber are still needed in the digital era. 
I've prepared a custom blueprint of the fighter, catching the best "structure" from a bunch of  screens captures.