Saturday, December 31, 2011

Making of Daigo Otaki

Modifing human figure with SU workflow.

- Start with the basic mesh from Make Human. Delete as much as possibile unuseful geometry before starting. starting model (half model) was 2.51 Mb with 24923 faces. 
- Apply a basic skin texture/color. 
- Create intersection planes. Organize them as groups or components, erasing them will be much easier). 
- Intersect planes with human model. For a better result scale 10x the model to avoid 1 squared mm. Sketchup bug. 
- Paint result with pro per color/textures. Substitute head with a better low poly version. The head model has been downloaded from 
- Erase unuseful faces/lines and redraw them to smoothly connect the new head ("Frankenstein" method). 
- Smooth surface with the Erase Tool +CTRL 
- Apply textures
- Create collar extruding and scaling half circle.
- Use Fredo6's "Tools on surface" plugin to draw collar design.
- Simplyfing boot: Create cutting planes to eliminate fingers.
- Simplify new geometry and apply a "extrude and scale" method to recreate front part of boot.
- Scarf was made generating a profile and scaling and rotating it in different ways.
- Connect all profiles using Fredo6's "Curviloft" plugin.
Final model: 2.23 Mb and 24950 Faces
Modelling time: 4.25 hr.
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