Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sketchy3DNo led Theme

Original theme for the Android NoLED Widget.

To apply themes, follow the following steps:
- Create a folder in /sdcard and call it NoLED
- Inside that folder, create a subfolder and name it themes
- Extract each theme and its folder to this folder. So for example, the sketchy3D theme would have a set of images in /sdcard/NoLED/themes/sketchy3D/ . Make sure that each theme is in a unique folder under /sdcard/NoLED/themes. Verify that inside each theme's folder you you have a set of image files
- Go to NoLED's Settings > Icons > Themes and you should see the extracted themes (folder names) listed there.
Icons Dimensions 100x100 px. and 50x50 px.
To see icons in the original colors slide icon color manually to white.

Original Theme created by COSEDIMARCO © 2012

NoLED widget created by Madmack
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