Saturday, November 16, 2013

Galliard Hotel

"Of the floating dome cities of Venus, New Cytheria is the largest and most populous. The dome itself in a self-repairing protein film reinforced with a carbon lattice floating high above the heat and pressure of the surface. The buildings of New Cytheria are capable of movement, blurring the line between architecture and transportation. They utilize efficient antigravity suspensors on the same principle as those discovered with Shukra-A artifact."

"The Hotel Galliard is a fairly typical example of a 'touring inn' which moves continually through the city to both better show guests the sites as well as avoid certain taxes. The architecture is also typical of New Cytheria, being a late 21st century interpretation of early 20th century art deco." Mike Doscher

 Modelled with Sketchup Make 2013
Original concept by Mike Doscher visit his Gallery At Deviant Art.