Friday, April 29, 2016

Restoration of Daltanious Popy Die-Cast 1979

The toy has been buy at Ebay for 11€ in a bad condition.

Right Arm joint was broken and punches were missing.

Foot insert and the Delfighter were substituted with clay infill.

Right Horn was broken and replaced with a plastic part.

I've started glueing with Attack the broken joint and set in place.

Next I've modelled missing and broken parts with SketchUp and submitted to Sculpteo.

3D printed spare parts are available at Sculpteo.
Spare parts are suitable for the 1979 Die-Cast Daltanious made by Popy (Singapore version).
Printing size are: 59.2x14.9x67.2 mm.
Unit Price: 11.89 €

3d Printed spare parts.

I've decided to subtitute the full Delfighter removing the original Left Horn and obtaining a removable one.

Head And Punch 
 Foot Insert

 Final result (unpainted)